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The Non-verbal Level -

Event Description:

The non-verbal level of expression is where a large percentage of our awareness of people and interaction occurs. The goal of this presentation is to bring what is generally pre-conscious perception to a conscious level, so that it can become clear what we are responding to, and we can start to conceptualize the phenomena of non-verbal process.

We will introduce the lenses of Dance/Movement Therapy, Reichian Character Analytic Mind Body Therapy, and Laban Movement Analysis as frameworks to explicate this level. The premise of all these modalities is that how we move and how we inhabit our bodies reflects how we think, feel, and operate in the world.

Because in order to become sensitized to the non-verbal level, we must experience it in ourselves, this workshop will be both experiential and didactic. It is a presentation designed for therapists of all kinds: those that do ‘sitting talking therapy,’ as well as approaches that embrace other body/mind/spirit work.

We will explore our own personal movement repertoires and how we inhabit our bodies. We will also experience how our own movement personalities interact with those of others, in dyads, and in a group.

Participants will be able to extrapolate concepts gleaned from this presentation for self-awareness and self-care, and more clarity about how and what we are perceiving and responding to in one-to-one and group interaction.


Corinna Brown LCAT, BC-DMT, is a Dance/Movement Therapist, Reichian Character Analytic Mind/Body Psychotherapist and the Co-director of the Center for Reichian Energetic Therapy. She has  26 years of group experience (16 years with addiction), teaches at Pratt Institute's Graduate Creative Arts Therapy Program, and is in private practice. She works with individuals, groups, and couples in Brooklyn & Manhattan.

Johanna Climenko, LCSW-R, LCAT, BC-DMT, pioneering Dance/Movement Therapist, Laban Movement Analyst, Reichian Character Analytic Mind/Body psychotherapist  and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has worked with populations from infants—geriatrics, taught and consulted, in and out of academic settings in the U.S. and Netherlands. Currently, Director, Center for Reichian Energetic Therapy, where the combined modality she created of DMT, LMA, and RT is employed, working with individuals, couples, groups, systems analysis, and professional training.

Location: Brooklyn

Time: Sunday, April 30th, 10:45 am - 1:00 pm

Contact #1: Erica Gardner-Schuster

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