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EGPS has always had something for me, through all the stages of my career, thus far. I came for the training program, continue to develop at the Conference, Spring Event, and Professional Discussion Groups, and keep coming back for an organization that is filled with extraordinarily smart and nice people.Neal

The Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society (EGPS) is a regional multi-disciplinary affiliate of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and was founded in 1955 to promote group approaches to the delivery of human services through teaching, training, research and collegial support. The Society welcomes members from diverse professional backgrounds, including, but not limited to: psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, alcohol and substance abuse counselors, creative arts therapists, marriage and family therapists, mental health and pastoral counselors.

From the Executive Committee and Board of The Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society (EGPS):

EGPS is a professional association dedicated to the field of group psychotherapy and affiliated with the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  We, like many of our professional association colleagues, are very aware of the worsening conditions for racial and ethnic minorities, women, members of the LGBTQ community, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, refugees, those with physical disabilities and other marginalized groups in our country.  We have seen a startling rise in the number of attacks on mosques, synagogues, transgender people, anyone considered “different.”  The current administration has fostered an atmosphere of “scapegoating” many different marginalized groups, from the attempt to ban Muslims from entering the country, to denying that gay men and lesbians are protected in their government positions, to the recent tweets attempting to prohibit transgender individuals from serving in the military.

As group therapists we are well acquainted with the concept of “scapegoating” some member of a group in hopes that by attacking and/or expelling them from the group, the group itself will be saved.  We know that this behavior in no way serves the goals of any group, but will ultimately weaken and destroy the group itself.  We know this holds true for our small groups and we know it holds true for the large group which is our nation.

As responsible citizens and caring professionals, we cannot stand silently by while members of our larger community are attacked and oppressed by those in power.  EGPS seeks to encourage actions that protect the rights and safety of all peoples.  We seek to promote respectful dialogue with constructive listening, so that mutually beneficial outcomes can be assured.  As a diverse group of professionals, many of whom are directly threatened by the actions of this administration, we wish to make it clear that, to the best of our abilities, we will stand for inclusion, openness, speaking truth to power, and the protection of civil rights for all people.

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