EGPS Work Group for Racial Equity

Mission Statement

The Work Group for Racial Equity of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society aims to initiate opportunities for members to examine how racism is embedded in individuals’ unconscious, in groups, and in our organization. Utilizing a collaborative process, the work group supports EGPS efforts to integrate awareness about race and racism in professional events and presentations.

The Work Group also seeks to enhance members’ understanding of the impact of institutional racism on their work, encourages members’ examination of internalized racial oppression and works with the Board of Directors to strengthen our racial equity lens.

Healing from racial injustice is a result of learning and struggling together. We hope all members will join EGPS in this work.

For more information contact:

Rudy Lucas or Christine Schmidt

For a list of resources suggested by the Work Group for Racial Equity and books reviewed by EGPS members, please click here

For a list of works that inspired monthly WG4RE discussions, click here

Current groups

July Discussion

Monday, July 16th 8:00 pm to 9:45 pm

The Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society Work Group for Racial Equity invites you to join us in collective learning discussions of provocative literature about white racism.   Our discussions are “virtual”, so join us by video link from your computer or by phone on the 3rd Monday of the month, or 646 558 8656.

Carol Anderson is an acclaimed scholar who is dedicated to understanding the emotional roots of the racial divide in this country. She examines the fear, terror, and sense of abandonment that have inflamed white supremacy. Please listen to Ezra Klein’s stimulating interview with Dr. Anderson:

We encourage emotional risk-taking in each discussion. Be prepared to share how this interview emotionally, intellectually and spiritually impacted you. Be brave about sharing and listening deeply.