The Group Spirit EGPS Newsletter

The Group Spirit Newsletter is the voice of the EGPS community.  It comes free with membership.  It will include news and information about upcoming events sponsored by EGPS and will function to keep the community informed about EGPS activities and the meaningful events and accomplishments of its members. Group Spirit will be published several times annually and, with the launch of our new website, we hope to include articles of interest to, and by, the EGPS community.

Starting next year we will be introducing two new features which we’re hoping will stimulate, entertain and engage our readers.  They’re to be called, respectively, Group Spirit Diary and Pet’s Pen. We see these features as an experiment and we’ll be eager find out if they appeal to the EGPS community.

Group Spirit Diary will be your opportunity to share all those funny, humorous or interesting anecdotes that you've considered sending to the Metropolitan Diary and haven't. They can be conversations you've overheard, encounters you've had or situations that you've observed...actually, anything you've seen or heard during your daily rounds that's struck your fancy or moved you in any way.

Pet’s Pen will feature your beloved, talented, creative or interesting pet, hopefully several each month, depending on available space.  In this column we will invite you to introduce your pet to our community,  along with its photo, bio, personality portrait, and possibly a story or anecdote that you’d like to share. All species welcome!

We encourage you to contact us and hope that you will share your thoughts, feelings and suggestions about our newsletter. If you have something you would like to share with the EGPS community please be sure to let us know and we will include your news in the next issue in the on-going column we’re calling Members’ Corner.

That’s it, folks! We're looking forward to seeing you at many EGPS events in the future.

Neil Friedman, Editor
Lynn Pearl, Associate Editor

We look forward to hearing from you!

Neil Friedman - EGPS editorLynn Pearl - EGPS Editor