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EGPS referral serviceOur referral service is a free, confidential service that enables therapists and members of the community to locate both individual and group psychotherapists who are active members of EGPS.  While most people recognize the value of meeting with a skilled mental health professional one-to-one, a therapy group provides an opportunity to be with like-minded others who are having similar life experiences. This interpersonal experience with a trained group leader and with your peers, can be more effective than individual therapy alone, and more cost-effective. 

We invite you to use the searchable database on this page.  It provides a comprehensive listing of therapists and their various specialties.  It also gives other important information, such as office location, insurance eligibility, and the gender of the therapist.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to email Cal Flachner, MSW, LCSW Chair of the EGPS Referral Service.

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If you cannot find a group that meets your needs, please email Cal Flachner