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Group Therapist: Anger Specialist! - Greg MacColl, LCSW, FAGPA

Sunday, November 5th 10:45 am to 1:00 pm

Being comfortable with our own, and the group's expression of anger, is key to having a vibrant and lively group session! Many therapist come into this work with some ambivalence about being on the receiving end of our patient's expression of anger, let alone that it may come from more than one member. In this experiential format, we will begin the self-examination of our own discomfort with and the handling of, the expression of anger in our groups.

Bio: Greg MacColl, LCSW, FAGPA, Faculty, Center for Group Studies, private practice in Manhattan and Forest Hills. His passion is in the running, teaching, supervising of Groups!  Helping therapist run successful groups is his goal.

Resistance: What the Hell Does that Mean, Why is it Important, and How is Welcoming it in Groups Useful? - Jeff Muller, PhD

Sunday, January 21st 10:45 am to 1:00 pm

In service of developing our professional therapeutic identity, we will come together for a group. The group presents the opportunity to safely ​make emotional connections among us. We attend to whether and how we do so. In our resistance to this contract are adaptations from the past that might not serve us fully ​now. We aim to understand and explore the struggles while strengthening our capacity to be vulnerable, understand ourselves, hold others in mind, and sustain relationships​.

Bio: Jeff Muller, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in downtown Brooklyn; Past President of the Group Division of the New York State Psychological Association; and Past Co-Chair of the EGPS Brooklyn Discussion Group.

General Information

The Brooklyn Discussion Group of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society welcomes members and newcomers to our monthly clinical meeting. These meetings consist of an informal gathering and a presentation by an expert in the field. It is an opportunity for professional development by becoming informed about the topics presented, and getting to know and be known by other clinicians. You can come to a single meeting and need not be an EGPS member. Become part of our vibrant community.
We meet in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, on the 4th Sunday of the month (with exceptions) from 11 AM to 1 PM.
Coffee & light breakfast will be served.
$5 for first time attendees and students, $10 for members - $15 for non-members of the EGPS.
If you have a specialty, passion, or interest you would like to share with a receptive clinical audience, we would like to hear from you. If you present you get the satisfaction of making these issues and your practice known to a wider audience.
We invite you to submit a short proposal to present at one of our meetings. We select presenters who best add to our member’s knowledge and experience. We value topics that are most relevant to working with groups and have a balance between didactic, interactive, and experiential components.
Our monthly meetings are for 2 hours on Sunday mornings and consist of ½ hour of networking and noshing, ½ hour business meeting and member introductions, and a 1 hour presentation.
Please be in touch with either Co-chairperson: Jerry Sachs at 301-651-9947, or Erica Gardner-Schuster by clicking her name.