Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society (EGPS) aims to further our organizational commitment to translating human rights and social justice values into socially engaged action, particularly as related to groups and mental health. We believe that active engagement with societal problems is an important aspect of our professional organization’s identity. Thus, we seek to promote dialogue and action regarding salient social issues that impact our organization, our society, and our world.
We invite EGPS members to join us in translating our group expertise and commitment to human rights and social justice into social action, both within our organization and in society at large.  
Current initiatives:
Example areas for possible development:
  • Volunteer outreach and activism in agencies/non-profits, especially offering our group leadership expertise
  • Event(s) that explore the intersection of group theory/practice and social issues/activism

Contact Joe Hovey ( or Fabiola Desmont ( to learn more, and to join the committee’s work.