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Therapy During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Lessons From the AIDS Crisis - Steven Schneider, PhD

Event Description:

Therapy During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Lessons From the AIDS Crisis

Stephen Schneider, PhD

Sunday, March 29th

10:45 AM to 1:00 PM

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For many of us being a therapist (and a human) during the current coronavirus pandemic is largely an unprecedented experience. But for some, it is painfully similar to  the early days of HIV/AIDS pandemic (yes, it is still a pandemic). Beginning in the 1980’s there was tremendous fear of a new and mysterious illness, as well as scapegoating. People were fired from jobs, and there was talk of concentration camps. As a virus became identified, up to 60 or 70% of some communities had been infected. Changes in social, and in this case, sexual contact were prescribed by authorities who were not always trusted. Society’s response to AIDS/HIV was marred by inept leadership, prejudice, and inequality of treatment along lines that already divide us, such as race and class. As therapists we were called on to care for both the sick and the well, while at the same time tending to our own fears, and caring for and burying family, friends and lovers. 
With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are once again called to action as therapists at a time of great uncertainty, panic, loneliness and threat of mass illness and death.  We will explore lessons from AIDS/HIV, to better prepare us to face the impact of COVID-19 and bolster our capacity to be effective clinicians. There is much wisdom – knowledge of the soul, heart and mind – that we can glean from each other as we come together in Cyber-Brooklyn to share and raise our voices – and support each other through this challenge. 

Dr. Stephen Schneider will present, and then lead a process group along with Dr. Laura Eidlitz

BIO: Stephen Schneider, Ph.D. was an NIMH fellow in the 1980’s in Psychosocial Issues related to HIV/AIDS. His post-doctoral training in Behavioral Medicine in 1989/90 was at the Kaiser-Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. His dissertation was on suicidal ideation in HIV+ and HIV- gay and bisexual men as impacted by pre-existing isolation/depression and HIV/AIDS-related related stress. He has co-authored numerous articles, book chapters and presentations on psychosocial factors in HIV/AIDS. He cut his teeth as a clinician working with HIV/AIDS patients in both Mental Health and Hospital settings. Steve lost his partner, Alan Balsam to AIDS in 1992, within months of losing a close friend and a patient, among others throughout the crisis. He most recently maintains a cyber private practice in NYC and is an Associate Professor at Mount Sinai (though his psychology trainees are now on suspension)

Location: Brooklyn

Time: Sunday, March 29th, 10:45 am - 1:00 pm

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